Grab the ca$h

A ANDROID game of shooting and aiming, bluffing and politics... No don't worry - that's just a joke - no politics here, just a lot of bullets in the air, and the wining music of a mouth organ...


After a heist, the gangsters have a lot of cash in their hide-out, now they cannot agree on who gets how much... Some are reaching for their guns. What will you do? Grab some cash and run? Shoot someone ? Or just wait with your hands up, hoping that noone puts a bullet in your head.


Free Version 1-6 Players


Full Version 1-12 Players


PRICE: 1.- € (+local Taxes)




This is a boardgame, without a board. You only need one smartphone for up to twelve players. Pass the phone around as your turn comes. Your are a group of gangsters that just finished a heist. You have a lot of money on the table and now it is time to share it.
But some of you, think that they deserve more then the others, so the guns are drawn. What will you do?


There are two phases in the game: The INITIATIVE and the ACTION PHASE. During the initiative you will decide what, you want to do. During the action phase you will do these actions. The turn order will be define depending on the action and the speed you chose.


SHOOT: You can shoot other players, the faster you shoot, the more likely you will miss your target. But if you are too slow, you might be shot before you can shoot. Shooting required bullets. You start with 6 bullets. But you can reload by choosing the SHOOT action.

GRAB CASH: You can try to grab some CA$H, but you better take some time, if you  are to fast, you might not be able to get any money, on the other hand if you are too slow, there might be nothing left.

RUN: You can try to run away. You can try to run away, the faster you run, the less cover you will have. And it might be easier for the others to shoot you. But if you run really fast, you might get out before the others start shooting at you. Once you are out of the room, you are out of the game. You cannot come back, so be careful not to leave the room without any CA$H…

HANDS UP: Sometimes it is better to wait and just raise you hands. This way, people might not shoot you. The advantage, is that for the next turn, you will be the last to choose your action, and you can see what the others plan to do during this turn.

SPEED: Your speed, will define in which order the actions will take place, but it also define the chance to succeed with your action. A 100 sided dice will be rolled and you need to make less then your speed to achieve your action. For grabbing money, the differnce between your dice roll and your speed will define you much CA$H you get.


Depending on where a bullets hits you, the effects might vary.

HEADSHOT: If you are hit in the head, you are dead. Your CA$H goes back on the table.

BODY: If you get two hits or more to the body, you are dead. Your CA$H goes back on the table.

LEFT ARM: If you are shot in this arm, you will loose all the CA$H you took until now, and you will not be able to grad any more CA$H. You can still win the game, by shooting everyone in the room.

RIGHT ARM: If you are shot in this arm, you will loose you gun. You will not be able to shoot anymore.

LEGS: If you are shot in the legs, you cannot run away anymore. Better shoot all the others.


The player with the most CA$H, wins the game. If there is only one gangster left in the room, he gets all the CA$H left on the table.





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